Judging Leaked Google Display Pixel Launcher, More Attractive

For colleagues who use Android devices, maybe some of you would rather replace the standard launcher Launcher smartphone with others.The reason of course vary, for those users who frequently download mobile games may be more choose launcher is capable of running a stable and lightweight.But others, may choose launcher #androidthat has the look ciamik captivating.
But be prepared, in the foreseeable future manufacturing technology which is the parent of the Google Android operating system is planning to issue a new launcher application called Google Pixel.Launcher of this one was unconfirmed would look like, but from the official statement #Googleconvey that this application will be released in October.
However it turns out, the leak of Google Pixel display Launcher in internet lo.Leaks are revealed by @LlabTooFer Twitter account.And there are at least four feature display might actually exist in Google Pixel Launcher.Like what?The following information.
1. Options Wallpaper Different Every Day
If you’re the type who likes to Android device users will be attractive visual appearance, then Google Pixel may be an option for you.Because launcher this one will provide options for users to be able to perform an Android device wallpaper settings that can be changed every day.
Just by pressing on the home screen, users can find several wallpaper options are summarized in a different theme.Giving this category can also be easier for users to adjust to an interest or passion for.
Once you choose, it will automatically Android phone will display a different wallpaper every day in accordance with the categories that have been selected.If you want to add a wallpaper image, we just put it in a specific folder that is in the system.
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2. Updates On Column Google Search
Most Android devices that use either the default launcher Launcher or third party applications, all designed to display a search field of Google Search at the top of the start screen.This feature is useful because it can be used to find information more quickly without having to find a browser application.
However if you feel bored with this kind of view, Google Pixel offers a new look is certainly more fresh and different.Later Google search field will appear as an icon on the top right.When we men-click the icon, and then the search field will appear with an elegant sliding motion.
But for those who still wish to maintain the shape of the old version of the Google search field, also can make settings to prevent changes.
3. Features App Drawer and Search Application
One of the new features in Google Pixel Launcher is the design of the app drawer.App drawer is to see a list of applications that we can access from the main page of our Android phones.
If generally we have a special key to access the app drawer to see this, but the Google Pixel we just do sliding upward on the screen.From there to see the app drawer will pop up with a transparent display that will slowly turn into a white color.
In addition, there are new features, which are finding applications in the top view the app drawer.There we can look for a specific application via name or alphabetical order.
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4. Folder Applications More Attractive
And the last leak that we can see on Google Pixel Launcher is their choice more interesting applications folder.If we look at the application folder generally appear in the form of spheres, now we can choose another form more attractive.
In addition, if the folder contains more than 4 #aplikasidifferent, generally will only show 4 applications only and the rest would be “buried” in the back 4 of the application.But with the renewal application folder, then all the applications contained in the folder so it’s easier to perform a search.
Until now, Google has not officially publish the views of Google Pixel launcher.In addition, Google also does not provide feedback about the emergence of Google Pixel display leaks that have spread among users.However, reportedly four leaks see above has high accuracy and most likely will actually be applied to display Google Pixel Launcher later.So, we wait and see.


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