Want to Complete World Health Problems, Boss Facebook Prepare $ 3 Billion Fund

Dwi Purwanto
If we look back some of the great figures in the technology industry, then we will find some of them have a social life that is unusually large.One was the founder and CEO of social media company Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.The young millionaire this one, have long been known to have a high attention to the social sector, especially in the welfare of the community.
And most recently, Mark Zuckerberg reportedly has set aside about $ 3 billion or equivalent to Rp39 trillion for development projects in the health sector.The project has a primary mission to solve a variety of health problems that exist in the world within the next 100 years.
The Billionaire Young ambition
As a young millionaire who has incredible vision, Mark Zuckerberg has always had a way to express themselves through a variety of technology projects.After successfully co-founded Facebook in 2004 while still a college student, the company gradually became a big business empire that includes many other industrial fields.
But on the sidelines of the business expansion efforts, Mark also not forget to insert breathing diverse social objectives.Before we know one of the projects #Facebookwhich want to develop easy Internet access for people in remote areas.Surely that’s not all, the man who has promised to donate 99% of its wealth on social and humanitarian, still keeps a myriad of other plans.
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Most recently, revealed officially that Mark Zuckerberg has set up a fund of Rp39 trillion to develop health research laboratories.This project will be engineered by the charity he founded with his wife, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.
Focus On Four Major Health Problems
To initiate the development of health research project, later Chan Zuckerberg Initiative will focus on four main health problems are a scourge for the world community.The four issues namely cancer, heart disease, infectious diseases and neurological diseases.As to the reason why four priority health problems are due, the four accounted for mortality in very large numbers all over the world.In addition, some diseases related is still not found a cure or healing therapy.
To that end, the development carried out by Chan Zuckerberg Initiative was implemented in three stages namely how to treat, prevent and treat diseases with #teknologithe place.And with existing funds, will be used to gather experts both the scientists and technicians who will help develop new tools and technologies associated with diseases faced.
Project First Phase
Regarding the first phase of the health research project Mark Zuckerberg and instead build a medical research facility named Biohub.Spend no less than 600 million dollars, later being involved anyway scientists and engineers from Stanford University, UCSF, UC Berkeley and of course the experienced technicians of the body Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.
In his statement, noted that the first project that is being discussed by the research center researcher Biohub are a number of types of cells that regulate human organs.In these efforts, the team conducted a number of tests and create new vaccines to address crucial issues such as HIV, ebola and Zika.And in the future, the team will add a number of diseases that are trying find an alternative cure.
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Mark mentions that, health research efforts is a long-term effort that requires time and energy in large quantities.Therefore, it was felt that patience is needed until a later date research results can be applied widely in the medical field.
If later the humanitarian mission which is run by Mark Zuckerberg managed to meet with success, it is not possible to give a new hope for our children in the future for a better life.Together with Mark, there are also some other technology industry billionaires like-minded in developing social projects, such as for example Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Elon Musk, Michael Bloomberg and media business tycoon Richard Branson.


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