Is Shark Halal Meat Consumed?

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Although not much, still there is a restaurant that provides shark meat.How is this meat consumption in the rules of Islam?
Shark known as a ferocious carnivorous animals.However, these animals are also used as food ingredients, mainly in China.Such as shark fins are valuable.
Several restaurants, restaurant or just stalls beach in Indonesia sometimes also provides a menu of sharks.For example, soup shark.
There are Muslims who eat processed shark, but some are hesitant to be halal.Moreover, there is a hadith that prohibits the consumption of animal fangs and fierce.
In Halal Journal No.119/2016 of LPPOM MUI, discussed the legal consumption of shark meat.Indeed, there is the hadith narrated from Abu Hurairah, he said that the Prophet said, “Every beast fangs, then eating it is haram.”(Muslim)
Other hadeeth of Ibn ‘Abbas said, “Messenger of Allah prohibits eating every fanged beast, and every kind of bird that have nails for gripping.”(Muslim).
But when viewed from the text of the hadith and Asbabul wurud hadith that explains the problem with wild beasts, the scholars say it applies only to the limited land animals.Not including aquatic animals, fish or marine animals.Because for marine animals is no proof (nass) else is Lex Specialist (special provisions) which stated about the consumption of marine animals.
Meanwhile, in the Quran mentioned Allah says which means: “lawful for you prey sea and food (derived) from the sea.”(Surah Al-Maidah: 96)
From Ibn Umar, the Messenger of Allah said, “We are permitted two carcasses and blood. The two carcasses are fish and locusts. While the two are blood liver and spleen.”(Reported by Ibn Majah).
Ibn Hajar Al-Asqolani also said, “There is no dispute of the scholars that the fish is a type of animal that is lawful. That there is a dispute among them are aquatic animals that have the same shape with terrestrial animals such as humans, dogs, pigs and snakes.”
Verses and hadiths that have been mentioned shows at once into the proposition that the marine animals consumed halal.If there is disagreement, such as seals or sea pig, it is relatively insignificant.Because jumhur Scholars agree that the sea animals kosher.
Halal Journal mentions the scholars agreed that all marine fish species it lawful for consumption.Except that raises mudhorot or danger to human health.With this provision, the wild sea animals and wild like shark or shaped like seals and sea pig, generally lawful.


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