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Photokina, a grand exhibition of photography the world has ended, leaving a number of records.Which is related to portrait photography industry’s future world.
Almost all manufacturers of cameras and lenses showcased and announced new photography tools and give an idea of ​​the form of cameras and lenses that will be developed in the future.
But apart from that there are also a number of important notes to behighlightedin the show this time:
1. Availability
Most camera manufacturers use a Photokina event to announce their new cameras and lenses.But unfortunately most will only be available next year.For example Fuji GFX will be available as early as next year.Here also GH5 Panasonic, Olympus OMD EM1 mk II and Leica lenses SL.
Fujifilm GFX 50S.
In my opinion, this trend is not good, because in the present era, everyone concerned with speed.In Indonesia alone, the majority of customers already termanjakan with quick service of fast delivery in services such as JNE YES (Sure Until Tomorrow) or Go-Quick (with a motorcycle taxi service).
I suspect the possibility of camera makers are mostly dependent on the image sensor made by Sony.Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Hasselblad, Panasonic even booked sensor from Sony.
Because the effects of the earthquake in April 2016 Kumamoto destructive Sony factory that makes the camera sensor, all hampered production this year, including Sony cameras themselves hampered production.
2. Medium mirrorless format
Star of Photokina this time is somewhat unusual, that mirrorless cameras from Hasselblad medium format where I had the opportunity to try it and see Fuji GFX-lens and lens behind the glass.
I rate the medium format camera is good for the landscaper, portrait, still life or a subject that is moving too fast.Although including a mirrorless camera, because a large sensor, the size and weight more like a professional DSLR camera and lens-the lens is limited to a fixed lens with openings that are not too large as f / 2.8-4.
Fujifilm lens options for GFX 50S.
For medium and large studios, the possibilities existing SLR medium format camera system that has proven its performance and fuller lens such as Phase One, Leica and Hasselblad S series H6 or H5.
So cameras like the Hasselblad and Fuji GFX is not to compete with medium format DSLR cameras that already exist, but trying to open up new markets, namely photography hobbyists who want a relatively compact mirrorless camera and relatively cheaper than for professional medium format cameras.
3. Conservative approach from Canon
This year, Canon and Nikon seem to still do what has been done in recent years is to improve the quality of the camera without a breakthrough innovation that surprising.
Canon renews Canon 5D mk IV and Canon EOS M5.Increased conducted Canon’s 5D mk IV in the quality of pictures and video, autofocus system and supporting features such as WiFi and GPS will be very useful.
Canon EOS M5.
Canon 5D IV will attract professionals in the field of wedding, portrait documentary.For physical / design, 5D is similar to its predecessor so that photographers never use the previous 5D series does not require a long time to adapt.
While the new mirrorless camera, the Canon EOS M5 will delight hobbyist who memnutuhkan smaller cameras.I had tried a quick glance at this exhibition, and EOS M5 is already quite mature than it autofokusnya already satisfying than its predecessor.
Although competition in many mirorrless camera.But M5 opportunities for Canon DSLR camera users to continue using mirrorless camera with the same brand.With an adapter, they can pair DSLR lens Canon EOS her to the M5 and get autofocus and other functions as well when mounted to a DSLR camera.
4. Focus on Speed
For some photographers, especially professional photographers, performance / speed camera is very important to support their work.At Photokina, the new cameras were announced mostly promotes high speed, say Canon 5D IV, Sony A99 II and Fujifilm X-T2 all this new high-performance cameras.
Micro four thirds system (Olympus and Panasonic) are also promising autofocus system and the overall performance of the camera is higher.Olympus OMD E-M1 II promises a better autofocus system for moving subjects, and GH5 promising abilities 6K 30 fps video recording and the ability to grab screen 18 megapixels per photo.
Sony A99 II.
Overall Photokina 2016 as a sign that in the future, the development of digital cameras will be focused towards a more luxurious than to professionals and for beginners.
Not surprising for me as a beginner segment may be less attractive to the big players because its market share is decreasing as a result of lifestyle changes that ordinary people prefer the use of mobile phones to photograph and video every day.


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