Entrusting Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 to Samsung

smkn 1 slahung
Although recently appeared to the public 821 Snapdragon, Qualcomm is already ready for the next processor.Snapdragon 830 rumored that have entrusted their production to Samsung.
But this news is not new, the article Qualcomm has long been smitten with manufacturing ability which is owned by Samsung.Moreover, the South Korean manufacturer has now reached 10 nm technology, so no surprise that Qualcomm trust them.
According to rumors, Snapdragon 830 using 10 nm fabrication Samsung will use a technology called FoPLP or Fan-out Package Level Panel.This technology allows Samsung to make chips without package circuit board inside.
But in its development, Samsung will not be alone, FoPLP will be worked together with Qualcomm.The advantages of using this technology is able to lower production costs.In addition FoPLP facilitate the integration process inputs and outputs in the processor.Another Keuntugann chip design also can be made so thin.
While the fabrication of 10 nm, which carried Snapdragon 830 must also be made more efficient matter of power, but in performance it will increase.
With Samsung’s cultivation digandengnya Snapdragon 830, the strong suspicion that the Galaxy S8 will be Samsung’s first mobile phone that uses it.But that does not mean Exynos dianaktitrikan, called the Galaxy S8 will still have the Exynos variant.
Interestingly, as the fabrication of 10 nm owned by Samsung, the latest kExynos big chance that supposedly will carry type 8895 will also use the same manufacturing technology as well.It emerges that the opinion Exnos 8895 and Snapdragon 830 will have the performance is not much different.Similarly, asquotedfrom Phone Arena.


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