iPhone 7 Hampered Certification Kominfo?

smkn 1 slahung
Apple moved quickly to register the iPhone 7 to DG SDPPI Kemenkominfo or what was once popularly known as Postel.But in fact, not easy for the Cupertino-based manufacturer, the United States was to obtain certification.
From the observationdetikINETto page SDPPI, Thursday (06/10/2016), 7 iPhone application for certification is often countered.Because there is always a shortage of bureaucracy that should be filled with Apple.
When viewed from the list with the code and Apple’s Apple-A1784-A1784, terms DCL is still one sticking point certification process Apple phone.
Whereas the certification submission process iPhone 7 still SP3 which is still an early stage.So Apple still have a long way to go before it finally got the certification process of SDPPI.
Even so, when compared from the previous years, Apple began to look seriously at the Indonesian market.Because Apple has been willing to register their own products.It used to be the usual move is the distributor.
But what must be remembered is that the registration of the iPhone 7 to SDPPI to obtain certification does not necessarily confirm that the phone will be sold officially here.Just look at the iPhone 6S who had also been registered for certification but never officially sold.
As reported previously, in October of this Apple iPhone distribution increase supply 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in a number of countries.There is the name of our neighboring countries, namely Malaysia.
As for the Apple fan boy in Indonesia are still forced to bite the finger for the umpteenth time.It could be the reason is because the certification process is still hampered earlier.


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