Telkomsel Boosts User Tcash Tap Up Year 2017

smkn 1 slahung
Telkomsel continue to boost adoption Tcash Tap in the community.Telecom operators are identical to the red color even have a growth target many times until 2017.
Known Operations Vice President MFS Telkomsel Rudy Hamdani, of the total subscribers of Telkomsel in Indonesia, which reached 160 million subscribers, only about 800 thousand users Tcash Tap spread in Greater Jakarta.Figures adoption is recognized Rudy was satisfactory.
Because the service itself Tcash Tap launched in October 2015 and, as a form of innovation Tcash services that have been launched since 2007.
“For now it is a new range in the Greater Jakarta area. But in the future we want to expand to the whole of Indonesia. The target, because it concerns the territory of Indonesia, it is expected to rake in 8 to 10 million customers,” said Rudy when found in the village Karanggan, Bogor , West Java, on Wednesday (10/05/2016).
The target is targeted to users Tcash Tap, whether it is connected to banking services or not.As is known, from 800 thousand users Tcash Tap, about 72 ribunya are users who do not have banking services.
Furthermore, Rudy said if new customers are expected Tcash not just registration, but also use it correctly.”If possible, so do not just registration, but used regularly, so that could be part of a cashless digital lifestyle,” said Rudy.
As mentioned just now, Telkomsel did want to expand its services to several cities.In total there are 10 cities which will be the launch of an advanced city Tap Tcash services.
“Until the end of the year there will be four cities, namely Makassar, Surabaya, Medan and Bandung. The rest will be lauched in 2017,” he concluded.


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