5 Attitudes Non-romantic Men To melt Heart Woman

Smkn 1 Slahung
romantic attitude is not necessarily indicated by stating the word ‘love’ or ‘darling’, also gave a bunch of flowers or invite a romantic dinner.Expensive precious gifts or celebrating anniversaries can indeed be fun woman.
But apparently there are simple things that made him more able to melt the hearts of women.As quoted from So Feminine, these seven non-romantic attitude of men who preferred women.
1. Help Delivering Bags
Women could bring their own shopping bags, even heavy though.But the woman’s heart will be touched when his girlfriend suddenly grabbed the bag he was carrying without being prompted.
Not that the woman being spoiled, but the men who show an interest in things that sounded trivial to make it look more attractive.Moreover, what woman can resist help when he was hassles with bags of groceries?
2. Take the road at the Edge Sidewalks
Women will be amazed at the man who is willing to put himself at the very edge of the pavement when walking on the highway, while the woman was at her side.The goal is that women are not exposed to water splashes or grazed when no motorized vehicles are speeding.It is classic and traditional, but the gesture showed that he wanted to protect you, and it is very sweet.
3. Ask Is Happy At Home
You are not a child who needs supervision when it should be returned alone to the house.Moreover, there is now a taxi online application that can ensure the safety of passengers.But of course women would melt when he knew his lover would come home at night without it accompanied, and send a text message asking if you arrive at home.
Pean text such as, “When you get home call me, yes’ or ‘Did you get home?’shows that he concern and fear for you.
4. Offer Jackets
Putting on his jacket when cold air or when going up the motor may be a very common thing men do to women.But the attitude is often considered to be ‘cheesy’ This is very much appreciated by women.Showed that the man was polite, manly but also has a soft side.
5. Introduce Yourself to Parents
Okay, maybe you both have not planning to get married in the near future.But when a man boldly presented himself before the lover’s parents, it indicates he is serious in touch.Regardless of whether the relationship will continue into the wedding or not, this attitude is a way to show that he is a man who is ready to commit.(Hst / itn)


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