Forbidden items for sale in the Marketplace, Facebook Apologizes

Smkn 1 Slahung
Realizing its huge potential, Facebook also opened the online trading services.Unfortunately, the service called Marketplace is even used by users for buying and selling illicit goods.Facebook also apologized.
The social networking giant made by Mark Zuckerberg apologized after the discovery of the sale of drugs, weapons, and even baby hedgehogs in Marketplace hers.Facebook pleaded not expect when the Marketplace into a sale and purchase prohibited items.
“As we expand access to Marketplace, we experienced a technical issue preventing the identification of posts that violate the standard. Therefore, some of the posts with harmful content seen on the Marketplace,” said Facebook in a statement,quotedby The Guardian,Thursday (6/10 / 2016).
Furthermore, Facebook said the company is now trying to fix the problem.”We would be more stringent monitoring of the our system to make sure we really identify and remove their offense. We apologize for this problem,” said Facebook.
Baby hedgehogs become one of the goods traded in the Facebook Marketplace.
Marketplace newly released earlier this week in a number of countries, UK, USA, Australia, and New Zealand.Marketplace appears as a new feature in Facebook mobile.
Function, allowing users to enter home furnishings, home, clothing or other second-hand goods for sale to other Facebook users near their territory.However, some netizens report found that sales of illegal drugs, firearms, and also baby snakes and hedgehogs.


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