Reveal Identity Hacker, BuzzFeed hit by cyber attack

Smkn 1 Slahung
A number of posts on hackers attacked the site BuzzFeed derived from OurMine group, because it is considered a popular site leaked one member of the group.
The attack hacker group that shaped the replacement number of titles and content of the post with a message containing a threat to not spread the news about OurMine again.In addition OurMine also claims database BuzzFeed and threatened to publish the data.
“Do not write false news about us again, we have a database you. Other times (this database-ed) will be published. Do not fuck with OurMine again,” wrote OurMine the pages they hack it.
This attack comes after BuzzFeed wrote an article about OurMine, where they identified a teenager who was called as a member of the group.In the article BuzzFeed confirmed that a teenager named Ahmad Makki was a member OurMine.
screenshot siteOurMine had actually been brushed aside the truth of the article.In a statement, OurMine called if the teenagers who come from Saudi Arabia was not a member of OurMine, but only fans of action OurMine, asquotedby The Verge,Thursday (10/06/2016).
OurMine is a hacker group that claimed responsibility for a hack of the social media accounts belonging to a number of famous people such as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.


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