Should Say Happy For Ex-Lover Engaged?

Smkn 1 Slahung
Former lover become part of our lives.Good and bad relationships, continues to provide special memories.So, should bid farewell to ex-girlfriend with her new relationship or engaged to be married?
It all depends on you and how your relationship with him.If indeed you are still in a relationship with him or you still often communicate with, legitimate to congratulate him on the engagement of former lovers.
But if you have not exchanged greetings and suddenly contacted him to congratulate him, then the event will be strange.And it could be congratulating you actually had not responded well.
If you still have feelings for him, you should undo your intention to call him and congratulate.It just makes you more ‘painful’ and ends with turmoil.
Congratulates preferably through a short message, no need to contact him.The way to avoid the awkwardness between you and him.Fragment sentences are short and straightforward is also better than a lengthy sentence that actually gives the impression of a less appropriate.
Lastly, do not have to be alone or indulgence in turmoil through social media about the new status of the former.Instead of getting support from the public, might you actually labeled as ladies ‘desperate’.(Kik / itn)


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