Women Need More Sleep Time Than Men, this reason

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Quality sleep is needed by everyone and it is important for health.Just how long a person needs sleep may vary especially in the case of women and men.
According to Professor Jim Horne of the Sleep Research Centre, Loughborough University, is biologically a woman takes time to sleep about 20 minutes longer than men.The reason is because the female brain is more often used for multitasking and complex that rest is also longer.
“Working women are different from men’s brains and more complex, and therefore needs to be a little more sleep,” said Prof Jim quoted from theMedical Daily,Thursday (10/06/2016).
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Besides being spent more energy for mental activity, the researchers also found that women take more time off for vulnerable facing a situation that makes it difficult to sleep.
Disorders such as stress, depression, and other negative emotions have been proven by studies more apt to occur in women than men.This will certainly have an impact makes women more difficult to fall asleep and lead to a longer sleep time.
“For women’s problem of lack of sleep can be closely associated with high levels of psychological stress such as hostility, depression and anger,” said Prof Jim.
“In contrast to men these feelings do not cause the same degree of sleep disruption,” he concluded.


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