Apply 5 Basic Healthy Living Can Prevent and Control of Autoimmune Diseases

SMKN 1 Slahung
Experiencing abnormalities of the immune system or the so-called autoimmune disease would be very disruptive activity.This happens autoimmune condition can not be cured and requires the patient always taking the drug.
But Dr. Frances Hardi, SpPD, Chairman of Marisza Cordoba Foundation (MCF) says there are ways considered effective to prevent the occurrence of autoimmune diseases.These methods are known as the five principles of healthy living (LDHS) which is also a national program of Smile Indonesiaku.
“Autoimmune is a disease caused by immune cells that should attack the bacteria instead attack the natural cell in the body,” said Dr. Fransisca to detikHealth on the sidelines of the First Gathering Autoimmune Campaign in Kompas Gramedia Building, Jalan Palmerah, West Jakarta, Sunday ( 10.16.2016).
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Dr Fransisca said a healthy lifestyle such as healthy food choices and active doing regular exercise is part of LDHS.On the other hand, control stress, educate themselves and live positively a form other LDHS which is also useful to prevent autoimmune disease.
When met at the same event, Susan Hartono MSc CHT, an expert in holistic therapist, adds to autoimmune patients that must be considered is the diet.Susan advised to eat a healthy diet to prevent the disease worsens and reduce recurrence.
“Must eliminate all foods that are not natural in nature such as preservatives, food flavorings and sweeteners. And keep in mind is not to overeat,” said Susan.


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