Generation X or Millennials who Love Affair? According to the results of this survey

SMKN 1 Slahung
In a relationship, it seems there’s nothing worse than having an affair.But recently a surprising fact comes from a recent study, which reveal that one out of five people you know had an affair.
This study made by YouGov sites by conducting a survey on 1,000 people in the United States about their lovemaking experience.As a result, young people or vulnerable millennial with age 18-29 years were more likely than cheating at age generation older than that.
They found 21 percent of respondents aged 18-29 years had an affair.While only 17 percent of respondents aged 30-44 years who have done it at least once in his life.
YouGov also revealed that they were having an affair are mostly male, which is about 25 percent.While women who cheat on their partner only 13 percent.
Other results showed if 69 percent of women said that if monogamy is an ideal relationship, but only 52 percent of men who think the same.
In line with the study, another survey made by a psychotherapist named M. Gary Neuman never revealed the reason the man was having an affair.The survey results quite surprising.M. Gary found that the reason men cheat it was not because of the appearance of another woman more attractive than her lover.
As many as 48 percent of men surveyed said they had an affair because it was not satisfied emotionally.As quoted from Business Insider, a study has revealed that his feelings are much more sensitive than previously thought most people.Generally, men who had an affair admitted feeling unappreciated by her partner.
The affair also often occur in the workplace.Another survey conducted by the company Harlequin, United States, revealed that 33 percent of men claimed to have a date with her office.The results of a survey involving 3,000 people also showed that 57 per cent of men said that once attracted by his co-workers.(Als / ami)


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