Make Satiety addition, consumption Whole Wheat Help Prevent Heart Disease

SMKN 1 Slahung
Eating whole grains such as brown rice can make the body full longer.Well in addition to filling much longer, the consumption of whole grains can help lower the risk of heart disease.
According to John Kirwan, director of the Translational Metabolic Research Center, whole grains could be key in regulating blood pressure.Selainitu, whole wheat consumption may be an effective strategy in reducing the death rate from heart disease.
“Heart disease and stroke related major with death. Research shows that consuming whole grains reduce the risk of heart disease,” said Kirwan quoted by the Indian Express.
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In his study, Kirwan and teams involved 33 participants consisting of 6 men and 27 women who have excess weight and obesity.Participants were asked to go on a diet of whole wheat and refined wheat in two different periods, in which one takes a two-week period.
At the beginning and end of the study period, participants underwent metabolic testing for three days at the clinic researchers.Tests conducted included measurements of blood pressure, weight, cholesterol levels in the blood, adiponectin, and signs of inflammation and the glycemic index.
In a report in the Journal of Nutrition, researchers reported a decline in blood pressure triples the participants who ate whole grains compared to when participants ate refined grain.Meanwhile, the results of measurements of body weight and cholesterol did not show a significant difference.
“The level of this control occurs only in a small amount. The study also can not obtain empirical data from a larger study. This study shows the effect of whole-wheat diet on cardiovascular disease,” said Kirwan.


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