This risk If Not Soon Endometriosis Treated

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At endometriosis known earlier, it can be quickly addressed.However, when the late endomteriosis addressed, there is a risk that could happen.
According to Dr. Herbert Situmorang, SpOG (K) from Cipto Mangunkusumo, basically endometriosis can grow because there are some menstrual blood out instead of the vaginal canal, but the abdominal cavity.Therefore, endometriosis usually occurs in women of reproductive age.
“Usually in the early stages of endometriosis appear near the surface or superficial because blood was falling on the surface. Well if it lasts long endometriosis may appear in the ovary,” said Dr. Herbert.
It was announced by Dr. Herbert in the Seminar on Public Awareness Endometriosis Endometriosis Series together Indonesian Community (IEC) in the Auditorium Hospital St.Carolus, Salemba, East Jakarta, Saturday (22/10/2016).
Furthermore, Dr. Herbert said ovarian endometriosis can turn into cysts endometriosis.
“So in the ovaries collected liquid brown colored. Well if it is any longer allowed, endometriosis can go to the inside,” said Dr. Herbert.
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Endometriosis on the inside, according to Dr. Herbert is endometriosis of the most difficult and risky when handled.Dr. Herbert pointed endometriosis that appears on the inside can affect other organs, such as attaches to the intestine.
When endometriosis is left constantly, in addition to pain that can interfere with quality of life, patients may also experience infertility problems.
“For example, endometriosis can grow on the ovaries so that the egg can not develop or produce eggs slightly. In addition, it could also channel towards the ovaries sandwiched endometriosis that has been enlarged,” said Dr. Herbert.
As is known, the symptoms which can occur in women with enodmetriosis is painful menstruation.Therefore, Dr. Herbert advises women who often experience painful menstruation to do the inspection.
When a woman is diagnosed with endometriosis, can be done to prevent more severe treatment of endometriosis.Thus, the patient’s quality of life could be better and the risk such as fertility problems can be anticipated.


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