Research Prove It Had Fun Sports For maximum effect

Popularity game Pokemon Go!had been dimmed.However, a study note that this game is so fun to make people more physically active.
This fact was revealed in a scientific study published in, a site for a variety of scientific discoveries that have not been through the peer review process.While still need further studies, this study estimates the US could walk 144 billion pace in the first month since the game is released.
Quoted by LiveScience, Thursday (10/27/2016), researchers mention that Pokemon Go!provide a greater impact than applications registrar physical activity or activity tracker that actually also quite popular.
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Scientists from Stanford University conducted this study by observing 30,000 medical device users Microsoft Band.The tool recorded physical activity, including the number of footsteps, and store it in the Internet network.
The results showed that in 30 days, users of Microsoft Band playing Pokemon Go!increased activity of as many as 192 steps a day.In the same period, utilizing similar devices that do not play Pokemon Go!declined 50 steps per day.


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