Jakarta Need 800-1000 Blood Bags per Day, Have you so Donor?

SMKN 1 Slahung
The need for blood in Jakarta reaches 800 to 1,000 bags per day.For the sake of the adequacy of the stock, have you participated berdonor routine blood?
To meet the blood supply for the needy, the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Jakarta tried to recruit donors.”In the year 2016 is expected to earn 315,000 bags of blood,” said Vice Chairman of the Provincial Board of DKI Jakarta PMI, dr Murdiati PMI Umbas Building, Jl Kramat Raya, Jakarta, Saturday (10/29/2016).
Appreciation for the largest blood donor in PMI (Photo: Nurvita Indarini / detikHealth)
Not only that, enhanced customer service, quality and quantity of blood has been done.In addition to the blood donors who have volunteered to donate blood are also appreciated.As on Saturday, 230 donors have appreciated because 75 times to donate blood voluntarily.
“This is a form of attention and appreciation to donors who have 75 times the blood donors. If the first year is already three times the blood donor, and usually the blood donor was 3 months. To achieve 75 times, it must be 25 years of donating blood,” said Dr. Murdiati ,
Of these 230 people, there were the oldest donor to the age of 68 years named Fidelis Basuki.While the youngest donor was 29 years old, on behalf of Djuhri Shafari.
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With this appreciation, PMI DKI hope donors will be more motivated to donate blood.Not only that, they also hoped can transmit blood berdonor good habits to his family and relatives.
“For the record one that takes blood was pregnant mothers who gave birth. Because bleeding during delivery and then make a loss of blood can lead to maternal death,” said Dr. Murdiati.
dr Murdiati added with regular blood donor, most likely in question will always be healthy.”God willing the healthy because her blood checked. Only healthy water that is given to the recipient,” he added.


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