Obesity and Security Issues, It’s Free Weigh Weight Airlines Passengers

SMKN 1 Slahung
Earlier this month, Hawaiian Airlines began enforcing rules to make every passenger route Honolulu to Pago Pago (American Samoa’s capital) weighed weight first before boarding the plane.
The airline itself had good reason to enforce this rule.From the results of a survey they did for six months, an increase of fuel used flight to Honolulu-Pago Pago.
After investigation, it turns the trigger was the average passenger baggage 14 kg more than the airline estimates.
“In other words, they say that the Samoans were obese,” protested a passenger in Honolulu international airport some time ago.
But this protest was denied the head of the operational staff Hawaiian Airlines, Jon Snook.”That is totally false assumption,” he said.
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A total of six complaints filed by customers Hawaiian Airlines to the US transportation department.They assume that the policy discriminates against people descended from Samoa who have excess weight.
However, the complaint was rejected, so the airline is still allowed to enforce the rule.That way, passengers Hawaiian Airlines Pago Pago purposes can not choose seats as they please, but newly determined after check in.The passenger seat will be set according to their weight.Similarly, as reported byThe Guardian.
In their website explained, with these rules, they can avoid exceeding the limit load floor when the plane such extreme circumstances occur during an emergency landing.’By allowing the seats or make sure the chair occupied by children so that risk can be reduced.’
The airline also reasoned, a similar survey was also done to the other airlines, namely in the Asian market, where the average weight of passengers under the assumption of the airline, and this does not prove that excess weight in flight it is a problem.
But the issue of the weight of passengers on this plane is the middle of hot discussion.Moreover, based on data from the CIA, American Samoa has a number of adults with obesity highest in the world, with Samoa in sixth.
Nine top countries in this list is also dominated by countries in the Pacific Islands, including Fiji and Tonga.Even the stereotype has long appeared on the people in this region, which is big, fat and strong, especially this area is a contributor to top-class rugby players such as in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


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