Questioning Rallies Doctor of Scientific Perspective

SMKN 1 Slahung
When the doctor took to the streets there is public concern over neglect of doctors to patients, this can we read the various comments that the doctor is bound oaths and codes of conduct related to dedication in the humanitarian field.Another comment said that the doctor is not worth demonstrating as it would demean the profession of medicine itself.
At least 3 times a physician Indonesia held a rally with a different theme.First, rally to defend criminal charges against the doctor Ayu cs, both demonstrations demanding reform of the National Health Insurance and the last on October 24, 2016 entitled rejecting primary care physicians.Compared with the theme of demonstrations even mass strikes by their colleagues in other countries, theme, time and demonstrations.I doctors in Indonesia is better.
The strike physicians who are members of the British Medical Association and discussed in the Journal of Medical Ethics in 2013 questioned why doctors should be subject to different rules in terms of protests, whereas the same rights as citizens?Of course the answer is not to say that the fate of the profession.In the journal earlier, The New England Journal of Medicine (2004) load factor of dissatisfaction with the work of doctors as the main causes of strikes physicians in advanced countries like the United States, Canada, Germany and France, and in developing countries such as El Salvador, Nicaragua, India and other etc.
The strike of doctors in the world are well documented in various scientific journals, this happens because of dissatisfaction with physician groups have a major influence on medical decision making by physicians, the barriers of public services, distrust of doctors to the system, changes in physician behavior change communication patient-doctor and within long consequences caused by dissatisfaction with a professional group of doctors called malaise.
Written scientific study in the British Medical Journal in 2015 explained that the strike by doctors in various countries all themed demanding improved welfare doctor.The Journal also writes that the strikes were carried out by doctors in various countries had no impact on mortality in patients even though the strike was conducted between 9-day-four months.
This happens because doctors usually associate the first set the placement of doctors in emergency departments and units in critically ill patients.The journal related in the protests by doctors there are a few things to be aware that the application of urgent and emergency care strategy or establish an emergency plan of management of the patient, the medical team set a substitute and indirect patient care.
In contrast to the common perception that saw doctors abundant life, a life filled with pressure doctors.Pressure bureaucrats, the administrative burden of non-medical, guiding the patient’s recovery, frustration, lack of rest, lack of family time, and the tax burden are the factors causing stress on the doctor, do not be surprised to data released by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in 2011 in the United States puts doctors and dentists in the top position as a profession that has the highest number of suicides.This certainly has big implications for health care services to the community.
In Indonesia alone, the protests by doctors considered unusual, although in fact in the record, the history of protests in Indonesia is carried out by a doctor, namely Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo and his friends in staging Ketoprak conjunction with Congress Indische Party-SI Indies (NIP-SH ) in 1920 in Surakarta which was dissolved by the Dutch government.
The rally is a fundamental right of citizens to express their opinions as well as for doctors.During a rally logical and does not violate the law, legitimate valid only for demonstrating much less a theme in the stretcher by doctors in Indonesia is in order to fight for health care reform for the common good, not for personal well-being.
Surely this is a good indication.History tells us that when a nation in decline, physicians and gurulah which will start returning resurrection.


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