Recognize Early Symptoms 5L to Overcome Anemi

SMKN 1 Slahung
Anemia or blood deficiency can affect a person’s quality of life, especially if left on an ongoing basis.
Dr. Anie Indriastuti YUSTINA, MSc, SpGK, vice chairman of the Indonesian Medical Association Physician Nutrition (PGMI) explained that anemia is allowed to continue could cause a decline in endurance and fitness of a person.
“When the endurance and fitness is reduced to more frequent infections. In addition, concentrations also decreased and in the end have an impact on achievement or productivity and employment,” he said on the sidelines of Indonesia Non Anemia ‘Healthy Without Anemia for Indonesia is More productive ‘in the Atrium Hall Pejaten Village, South Jakarta, Saturday (10/29/2016).
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Well to anticipate these conditions, you need to know the early symptoms of anemia or commonly referred to 5L.
“Symptoms of anemia can be identified by 5L are sluggish, tired, weak, tired and inattentive. So if there are symptoms immediately check deh,” said Dr. Anie.
Added Dr. Anie, anemia is a condition in which hemoglobin (HB) in red blood cells can not transport oxygen throughout the body.As a result, organ function becomes impaired.
“Oxygen is the indispensable organ of the body so that its functions could walk normally. If the lack of organ function can be disrupted,” said a doctor who practiced at St. Carolus Hospital Serpong it.


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