Similar Famous For Barbie, Women from China’s So Controversy

SMKN 1 Slahung
A Chinese woman named Dilaila lately become the talk netizens on Chinese social media, Weibo, because his face looks like a Barbie doll.It could lead to debate and controversy among netizens.
Women are known to work as a model and actress with eyes large, pointy nose, and thin lips.Not only that, a face in a very taper on the chin and forehead are increasingly making himself like a real version of the Barbie doll.
Many netizens suspect that he has conducted a number of operations in order to have such views.However Dilaila refute in a television show, she was deeply afraid of plastic surgery procedures and it all just creations photo edits.
As if in disbelief, netizens challenged to upload photos before and after edits to prove the authenticity of his face.The challenge is affordable by it.Sure enough, the face Dilaila not ‘se-plastics’ are thinking netizen.
Photo: Weibo DilailaHis eyes were of normal size although the use of contact lenses and eye makeup to make it look great.Besides his nose was not as small as that for these people to see.
In May, he followed the Barbie exhibition that was held in a shopping center in China.Here we see the difference between the original face and the face that is frequently uploaded to social media accounts.
Photo: Weibo DilailaIn fact, there is a photograph which showed that his face does not look plastic surgery.In one of the photos uploaded netizen, Dilaila face look rounder on the cheek, eye shape smaller, large nostrils and thick lips at the bottom like a normal sized face shape.


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