Doctors message: Do Gratuitous Buy Drugs Online Sites

SMKN 1 Slahung
With advances in technology and easy access to information, can now purchase everything through online means, including drugs.But remember, when done haphazardly it is quite possible there is a risk behind it.
Staff Supporting Clinical Research Unit (CRSU) Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia Dr. J Hudyono MS, SpOK, MFPM say if the site of drug sales were legal and justifiable, then it does not matter if consumers buy the drug.
The problem is, when the drug is being sold on online sites as well as social media, not clear who was responsible.Dr. Hudyono say, another case with a pharmacy or drug store that has permission where the drug to be administered to a patient already in a state supervised by the pharmacy or drug store.
“So no one is responsible. If the online drug who is responsible. Moreover, paid via transfer, escorted courier then if there was anything the seller can not be contacted because now is the number of SIM cards cost ya. So one could easily change, change number , “said Dr. Hudyono.
It was conveyed on the sidelines Pfizer Class Journalist ‘Consumption of Drugs Safe, Avoid Fake Drugs’ at Almond Zucchini, Prapanca, South Jakarta, Monday (10/31/2016).When buying drugs on online sites that can not be accounted for, it is quite possible there is a risk of drugs being sold is illegal or counterfeit drugs.
Well, Dr. Hudyono said the consumption of counterfeit drugs could be at risk of poor health.For example, the use of counterfeit medicines with active substance under the standard could lead to drug resistance and other adverse effects to health.
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Based on WHO data, the circulation of counterfeit drugs in the world reached 10 percent and in developing countries such as Indonesia, the case of the circulation of counterfeit drugs could reach 25 percent.Well, in order to avoid counterfeit drugs besides advised to buy drugs in the official and accountable, consumers also need to look at the drug name, manufacturer and expiration date.
“Make sure the medicine packaging to list the number BPOM registration, check the physical quality and condition of the safety of drugs such as seals, color, packaging, is something different. If the condition does not subside with the consumption of the drug, check with the doctor,” said Dr. Hudyono who also staff Drug Evaluation so this POM.
Counterfeit and Illegal Drugs in Indonesia
In the same occasion, Deputy Director of Inspection and Certification Therapeutic Products Distribution, Distribution of Therapeutic Product Directorate of POM dra Eka Purnamasari, Apt, MKM, said counterfeit drugs is no easy looks but also difficult to distinguish.Well, to be sure, then the drug needs to be confirmed to the industry and examined in the laboratory.
Eka states, to tackle the circulation of counterfeit drugs are still widely seen, there are several challenges facing Indonesia.Among them are less than the maximum supervision because Indonesia has many entry points to the source of the influx of fake drugs.
Then, the fake drugs are also frequently found in illegal way.Thus, strengthening the coordination between law enforcement and the government also needs to be improved.Investigations are also required to obtain reliable data.
As for the illegal drug products in the legal, do not dismiss Eka no misscontrol operational measures in health care facilities.One of them is related to the supervision of packaging waste that is less good.According to Eka, the government should emphasize to health-care facilities to pay attention to the supervision of waste disposal that could potentially be used again.
“Well that’s not the way the procedure and was not done according to SOP and regulations. Thus, improving the discipline regarding the procurement of drugs at health care facilities are necessary,” said Eka.


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