Learning Never Surrender of Boy 3 Years Interlocking Saddle Ponies

SMKN 1 Slahung
Everyone could have time to do something desperate.But what’s a boy 3 years should be an example for them, including adults who are easily discouraged when just a couple of times trying to achieve something, but failed.
Yes, this boy named Crosslyn Vest showed his persistence when trying to ride the pony brown, Bo.Wearing a pink skirt and hat riding, Crosslyn will look vibrant when mounted.
But unfortunately, Crosslyn failed.Even so, he did not despair and repeatedly tried to climb into the back of Bo to 15 times.Until the time all 16 Crosslyn managed to ride Bo.The look did he show a happy face.
“He did not allow me to help him. Yes, he is independent child,” she said Crosslyn, Teah Vest told Today.
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It is said Teah, her daughter was already practicing riding since the age of 18 months.During this time, the family also trains Crosslyn.Only when Teah Crossyln record the action, the boy was a bit difficult.
“That does not stop him. Crosslyn keep trying and he never stopped until he could finish it (riding on the horse),” said Teah.
Child training independent and not easily discouraged, parents do need to give a chance to children.As expressed by Dr. Meta SpA Hanindita in his book ‘Play and Learn’, parents can give more leisure time for children to finish its work so that children are not in a hurry.
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“Then before training children to do things yourself, make sure that the environment is safe. Do not forget to give your appreciation when the child has managed to do that. If the child has not managed to do so, still give him support,” said Dr. Meta.
Appreciation of the child need not be material.Speech that mama or papa proud, then applause accompanied by praise alone is powerful to make children happy and more eager to do something else.
Well, the following video Crosslyn child who is still trying to climb the pony despite failing repeatedly, as uploaded Teah in his Youtube channel, Teah Vest with the title ‘Never Give Up!’.


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