3 Painful Facts About the End of Love

SMKN 1 Slahung
Psychologists Suzanne Degges-White Ph.D from Northern Illinois University, the United States revealed that every breakup definitely a sad and painful.Even so, that does not mean you can not get through.
Suzanne gives an overview and painful fact of a breakup.This fact is not to scare you, but it gives a view for you to be ready to deal with it.
1. Will be Very Painful
When a relationship ends, even if you have prepared yourself for the most painful things though, would still end up with sadness.”You do not just lose a couple, but also feel the loss of the future that you may already believe to be with him,” Suzanne said as quoted by Psychology Today.
Suzanne delivered in this period usually male or female is very easy to get caught by the concept of relationship runaway.Where behalf move on to look for another lover, but not actually move on from a former lover.
“Remember, starting a relationship by being a friend to yourself to be able to build relationships with others,” said Suzanne.Meaning is indeed you need to feel the pain of a breakup in advance.Then you get to know yourself again and finally ready to find new love.
2. Loss of Friends and Families
When the relationship is very close, you might even be close to their friends until they become your best friend.So is the family who already like your own family.But when you break up should know the fact that you also lose them.Perhaps at this point you are trying to find sympathy from friends and family.But Suzanne suggested no need for sympathy with many vent to his closest people as it will only make you more heartache when those close to your ex-lover siding.
“Maybe you’ll even get angry with their friends and sad and confused them even defend your ex-lover,” said Suzanne.
3. Loneliness
When your days passed with him, there would be a feeling of loneliness that is very deep.But besides that, you probably also happy to be free from poisons that had been there in your relationship.”Loneliness becomes normal stages. But if over time your loneliness hamper your normal life, you should speak with a psychologist to restore your emotional,” said Suzanne.(kik / kik)


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