PBSI reason Announces pullback Hendra Setiawan Faster

SMKN 1 Slahung
Hendra Setiawan has officially resigned from Pelatnas PBSI cipayung.He will end his career as a player Pelatnas from 1 December 2016.
Hendra pullback would be a separate blow to the PBSI.Because, he became one of the senior players who are still active at the national training center in addition to a former colleague, Mohammad Ahsan.
However, according to PR representatives PBSI, Yuni Kartika, the decision is the right of Hendra.Although heavy, PBSI finally allowed and hope the best for the former athletes.
“It was a decision from him (Hendra). We are on the PBSI actually heavy to take off, but we can accept the decision of Hendra after a dozen years have joined the national training,” said Yuni when met at a hotel in Kuningan, South Jakarta, Wednesday 16th November 2016.
Adoption Junior Badminton Tournament Thomas and Uber Cup
PBSI also has its own reasons to announce the release of Hendra early.According to Yuni, to become a professional player, an Olympic gold medalist in 2008 it had to prepare everything yourself, and it takes time.
“Why do we announce from now when the discharge Hendra still next month? That’s because Hendra still have a lot to clean up. He had to find sponsors and his own colleagues because now he is choosing a professional path,” said Yuni.
“To partner later still do not know, can local players or foreign players,” he explained.(One)


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