Pevita Pearce Reveals 3 Makeup Products Not Separated From it

SMKN 1 Slahung
Problem makeup actress Pevita Pearce did not like grooming layers.Outside of work, so greeting Pev movie stars ‘5 Cm’ it was more like performing with minimal makeup.24 year-old woman admitted to only use three makeup products.
“I usahain not use more than three kinds of products; lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara,” said Pev at the launch of Garnier Micellar Water at the Grand Hyatt, Jakarta, Tuesday (15/11/2016).
He realized as a celebrity, his face more often exposed makeup.So if there is no filming or attend an event, Pev wants to balance the health of the skin of his face by not using makeup in layers.
“The filming from morning until morning again, exposed makeup, pollution so I make sure to clean the face thoroughly,” he said.
For a morning routine Pevita Pearce is also fairly simple.After showering and cleansing, he uses face creams flagship.
“After the shower, I use collagen cream, moisturizer, sunblock and do not forget to drink water,” he said.
According to drinking water and resting enough into the unity that can maintain their health.Although it has a myriad of jobs, Pev still took drink lots of water and to steal time to get to sleep.
“I could drink a large bottle can be up to three or four bottles. Rest is also very important for me. If the lack of rest, so it’s easy to get sick,” said the younger brother of Keenan Pearce.(kik / kik)


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