Ethics Curhat with Friends About Couples

SMKN 1 Slahung
Who else a place to lean when we are middle of a fight with a spouse?Of course we as womenfolk need friends as a place to vent.But before discussing lover friend should have limits.
Thomas Edward romance expert said that although friends can be the best in life, but they are not necessarily able to give wise advice in your situation.Problems with the lover you can actually worsen because of suggestions that are not appropriate.The point when the indulgence story about a couple that there should be ethical.
“Generally many people beride to discuss an affair with a friend. Your friend may be the most supportive of your life, but not all things can be told,” said Thomas.
Clinical psychologist Joseph Cilona, ​​Psy.D. added, the problems usually occur because of a misunderstanding with the couple.If the root of the problem is not clear, then the role curhati friends you can actually make the situation worse.
Cilona confirms that you should know is if a spouse is convenient if you are too often discuss the relationship in front of your friends?”There must be clear in advance whether equally comfortable if problematic diumbar, particularly sensitive issues like sex and family problems.”Cilona said, as quoted from Cosmpolitan.
According to psychologist and love expert April Masini also advise that you also need to ask your partner who that person may be invited to tell stories.Lest you tell to any person or worse vent to another man or even your ex-lover.Of course it can cause anger.
But, if your partner you should not tell to anyone at all, it means there is one of them.The issue has also become ‘homework’ to be solved.
“Because people need to share with others. Curhat be your natural instinct and healthy sign. Ideally, couples agree if you vent with a psychologist, cleric or friends who are equally well known,” said Masini.(kik / kik)


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