Prediction OIE Bird Flu Cases Increase in Europe and the United States

SMKN 1 Slahung
World Animal Health Organization (OIE) predict their massive bird migration in Europe and America.It is associated with an increased risk of bird flu cases.
Matthew Stone, Deputy Director General of the OIE said that migration is closely linked to an increased risk of bird flu cases in North America and Europe.The increase in cases is predicted to take place within the next few weeks until the end of this year.
“From the reports coming in we predict the existence of other similar reports. We hope bird flu cases will only occur in wild birds but we’ve asked poultry farms to guard against the spread of this disease,” said Stone, quoted byReuters.
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United States is expected to be the most affected areas, following reports of the deaths of 50 also their poultry since last year.In Europe, Germany, Hungary and Austria also reported an H5N8 bird flu that attacked the duck and turkey farms.
Deployment of wild birds is extremely worrying.Why, wild birds do not appear to have symptoms despite already infected with the virus and can easily spread to poultry farms they passed through during migration.
On the other hand, the H5N8 virus has yet been detected in humans.Even so, the virus responsible for the death and culling of millions of poultry in Asia and Europe since 2014.
Some countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany have done picketing by banning poultry farm issuing from the enclosure.Other countries such as Switzerland and France had issued an appeal to the farmers to increase the level of safety of poultry and keep them away from wild birds.
“With the data from history, we can predict the outbreak will happen. Then we can take steps to prevent the occurrence of a pandemic related both to poultry and prevention of transmission to humans in the next few months,” added Stone.


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