Recognize the OGTT, Procedure Right to Enforce Diabetes Diagnosis

SMKN 1 Slahung
Several times tested, the results of random blood glucose tends to be high, for example above 200 mg / dl.Nothing wrong you perform laboratory tests for the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.
Chairman of the Diabetes Association of Indonesia (PERSADIA) Prof. Dr. Dr. Agung Pranoto SpPD-KEMD said the procedure used is called Sugar Oral Tolerance Test (OGTT).At night, patients were asked to fast at least 8 hours.
“During fasting not allowed to eat anything, but the drinking water may be. Then, take a fasting blood after drinking the sugar water. It’s already available in the lab, so there is a bag of sugar 75 grams mixed with water and drunk,” explained Prof Court ,
Two hours after drinking the sugar water, the blood re-taken.Well, for 2 hours waiting for the blood take second, only the patient seated alone, should not walk or eat any food.This was conveyed by Prof. Court in discussions P2P media in the Directorate of the Ministry of Health, Jl Printing State, Central Jakarta, Thursday (11/17/2016).
Well, the diagnosis of diabetes is made when blood sugar levels after two hours above 200 mg / dl or if the fasting blood sugar levels above 126 mg / dl, or even both.
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Then, what if the result of momentary blood sugar is above 200 mg / dl?In the same occasion, chairman of the Indonesian Society of Endocrinology (PERKENI) Prof. Dr. Dr. Ahmad Rudjianto SpPD-KEMD said concerned could be suspected of diabetes.However, it is strongly recommended to perform the OGTT in order to enforce the actual diagnosis.
Prof Rudi said, basically diabetes mellitus is a disorder in the body that is characterized by elevated blood glucose above the specified standard.The cause is the lack of production of insulin made by the pancreas (abdominal lymph nodes).
“Then, it’s circulating insulin that is used to insert the glucose in the blood to the tissues or cells for energy. In order for insulin to work, then he passed through the receptors. But these receptors are not working,” said Prof Rud


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