10 The quality of this show You Have Yourself a Unique Personal!

SMKN 1 Slahung
10 Quality of Self’s show You Have Pribadiyang Unique!
In an environment that is increasingly moving quickly, without realizing it, we could lose our identity and personality as a person.Often we forget the moral and uniqueness of ourselves in order to follow the surrounding environment in order to be accepted.
However, sometimes being yourself is good.You can express themselves as they pleased as yourself.Thus, there are 10 qualities that you must have if you want to be a unique individual.
1. Have a reflective attitude.
Reflective attitude is very useful for you to understand yourself and the potential of what you have in order to become a unique individual.
2. Having a healthy ego.
If you have a big ego, you just become a competitor that is not healthy.Conversely, when you have the healthy ego, you are an outstanding leader!
3.Fokus at all the possibilities.
Selfish attitude will lead you to just focus on yourself.Meanwhile, when you focus on all the possibilities that could happen, then your eyes shall be opened by itself.Then have started to make your long-term goals.
4.Memiliki good character.
The characters are strong should you have!With a good character, you too can be trusted by others.
5.Pribadi visionary.
Visionary personal can you get by knowing what people really want.By knowing yourself, so you can explore the potential, as well as being private, open and innovative.
6.Pendengar good.
Everyone loves to be heard.However, not only that, if you’re a good listener, then indirectly you also will learn more about a lot of things.
7.Kamu must be transparent.
When it becomes a unique person, you will not be ashamed of the mistakes and weaknesses.You had the courage to show who you really are.
8.Terbuka and consistent.
You do not always impose their opinions and your argument on others.Although others have different opinions, but you’d still listen to it with reverence and respect.
Humans are social creatures, including in achieving a goal.Unique personal will not be selfish and have flexibility.Both can be very useful when they work in teams.
10.Belajar of experience.
Experience is the best teacher.You will make the experience as a carpenter when you want to take a decision.You will also use the experience as a tool to achieve success


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