This He Types That Keep On Fight Friend

SMKN 1 Slahung
Good Listener 1.Si mouth but not gossipers
Deh sure you would really need the typical friend who begininih.,A sense of caring and a little keponya make him a figure that can make you comfortable bangeet stories about various things and issues “that you experience, sometimes he had a solution that is right on the issues” you too loh, he also always disconnected and can respond to each curhatan you with excellent and steadfast, of course, can maintain confidentiality stories “are you curhatin dehh
2.Si Easy Going to Determine Options
Malem “Laper.. But lazy to get out because” there is not that nemenin?Malem week ngejomblo tangle really do not know want to hang out where? Si ya are you butuhin him.,What time is just taken out, he mah let “wrote. Whenever you need him, a friend who one
This always had free time to accompany you (or did not have work well yah), as long as there is he anyway you’re not going deh feel lonely and aimless again dehh
Relaxing 3.Si which Memendam Many Guidelines
Type of plasticity that this one life nyeloow buildup looks less ambitious, it seems to live without the burden deh.,but when he gave advice to you.,tuh answer ngejleb and ngena really, until you sometimes amazed while terbingung, how can ya he wisely so?What did he ever ngalamin also times yaa ??
4.Si sister figure that must be cherished and protected
Somehow I think there is just the type who like this kind of friend are cute, funny and menggemashkan this could make all the circumstances jad exceeds fun, aura kebocahannya it sometimes makes pecaah atmosphere, although sometimes the life of your friend is much more big than you loh, it means there yaa truth to the adage that says “Aging is sure, but the selection of Becoming Adult”
5.Si leaders and spreaders Positive Aura
So figure that one friend is not less important tablets, spirit and enthusiasm can make you get carried away towards a more positive and productive loh, doi who can remind you when you hilaf, can motivate you time when you’re down
and worse, which must figure he can ngerubah life so much better gan
6.Si Penyabar and Gak ever itungan
This guy do not let you make disappointed me, friends who like this would be rare loh gan, good sangking forgotten what he likes aja uda him help and give to you.doi patience I think there will be endless ga deh make ngertiin your behavior that sometimes engga bangett, and doi also usually will always be ready to accompany you ngelewatin term “life-sac
7.Si honest and Verbatim
This friend sometimes words that impressed the outspoken can bkin you moody and sometimes hurt, Eiits but should absorb dlu implication doi this, it could be tablets of criticism “of his so ngerubah and awaken you, because sometimes honesty was bitter loh gan indeed 1 point plus again, this honest figure can you make as a life partner / your business also loh
Mind Readers 8.Si Faithful
Well kind of friend that is usually uda know lamaaaaaa bangeett, until sometimes he could memorize all the moments of “time
with you and already know all your life story until all terdalaam level.,friends like this could be the reminder you too
loh dikala you start acting bizarre, she can remind you pass a track record of perbuatanmumu once, sometimes
also cuman with ngeliatin behavior polahmu wrote, doi uda understand the contents of mind at the time, could be also she is actually a psychic loh


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