6 Foods Should Be Avoided If Not Want Stomach Buncit

Jakarta- distended stomach can interfere with the appearance and self-confidence.It can also be a sign of metabolic systems that are less good.Unfortunately, sometimes exercise and eating lots of vegetables and fruit alone is not enough to make a flat stomach.According to nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, you also need to avoid excessive amounts of food.Here are seven of them that should be avoided before important moments:
Many health experts say nuts are good for health because it is rich in fiber.The food can also be healthy and filling snack.But avoid consumption of too much because it can create because gassy belly bulge.To that end, Rhiannon suggested that select lighter-colored beans are not too high in fiber.
Dairy foods
Yogurt, milk, cheese, and butter good for the body because it contains calcium and protein.However, 65% of the world’s population lack the enzyme lactose proven so difficult to parse lactose.Problems that can interfere with digestion and stomach distended.It is recommended for you who are lactose intolerant to replace cow’s milk with almond milk without sugar.
Who would have thought if one of the favorite fruit of many people this can also cause a distended.But it is usually only occurs in some people.That’s because the combination of high fiber and fructose which makes the stomach is full of gas and swell.
“I love to bake an apple for dessert with cinnamon and add a dollop of Greek yogurt to stabilize blood sugar,” Rhiannon advice.
Wheat was also able to interfere with digestion and makes the stomach distended.Especially for those who are sensitive to gluten or have celiac disease.But if not, wheat is rarely a problem.
Fast food
It’s no secret to eating too much fast food can make the body more fat.Culinary it tends to be high in fat, sugar, and chemicals.Sugar can cause cramps and gas.While fat can make the stomach feel uncomfortable and bloated.The chemicals in fast food also proved to stomach irritation and inflammation.
Onions became a mainstay ingredient in many dishes daily.For those who are sensitive to fruktan, onions can cause discomfort, especially when consumed raw.”Cooking onions can reduce the effects of this digestion. Fresh herbs or spices can be used as an alternative to the onion,” said Rhiannon.


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