Beauty queen wear, Batik Popularity Soaring in Senegal, Africa

SMKN 1 Slahung
Dakar- Since exhibited Grand Finalists Miss Senegal 2016, Indonesian batik gained widespread attention in this former French colony.Market opportunities for export is quite promising.
“The country’s national designers convey the impression, especially the beauty of Indonesian batik,” said Ambassador to the Republic of Senegal Mansyur Pangeran told AFP on Saturday (26/11/2016).
Indonesian Batik design Susi George gerban be modeled on the clothing of choice for the Grand Final thanks to the cooperation of Miss Senegal President Amina Badiane the Indonesian embassy in Dakar.
According to the Ambassador, welcome and enthusiasm of the guests invited to the Grand Final of Miss Senegal 2016 for batik is quite high.They were carefully observing the beauty of Indonesian batik exhibited.
Photo: Photo: Eddi Santosa / DetikcomThe finalists of Miss Senegal 2016 was also the time to take photos selfie with batik clothing worn before entering the catwalk.The results of this selfie photo was viral spread widely on social media.
“As demonstrated in the important round of national beauty pageant, batik also received widespread attention in local media. The print media and national television even review it two days in a row,” added the ambassador.
Photo: Photo: Eddi Santosa / Detikcom
Photo: Photo: Eddi Santosa / DetikcomFurthermore, the Ambassador said that the finalists of Miss Senegal 2016 each are representatives from 14 provinces and regions Sine-Saloum, the new territories of the two islands, so the penetration of batik charm extends to all levels of society.
“I hope this momentum can propel us to dare batik entrepreneurs work on the export market. The potential is very promising,” said the Ambassador.
Photo: Photo: Eddi Santosa / DetikcomInternational jury is Christiane Lillio (Miss France 1968, now Presidente du comite Miss Prestige National, France), Emilie Secret (Miss Prestige National France in 2016), Esther Memel Elue (Miss Cote d’Ivoire in 2016), and Febie Mansyur (wife Ambassador in Dakar), who had the honor of putting on a sash “Miss Senegal 2016” to astou Sall Ndeye, the winner.
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