NASA Develops Snack Bar Special for Early Eats Ship Orion

SMKN 1 Slahung
Jakarta- Will explore outer space over the moon, NASA created a special snack bar for breakfast Orion crew.
When astronauts exploring outer space, they need a proper diet to stay healthy and focused.The sailors at the central station, the International Space Station (ISS) could have about 200 menu options to eat and places to eat as well as storage space.
However, food for the crew of space mission is limited and a challenge for NASA scientists to solve it.Space Orion planes only have limited space for accommodation of goods and food for astronauts in their missions.
Roaming space flight missions can not use other aircraft to send and discard the food.So, all that was taken away to be brought back by the same plane.
Photo: NASAMission trip with Orion’s far enough away so that the mass of heavy terbatas.Semakin aircraft fuel and energy dibutukan will be more.
To save some mass, scientists developed as a breakfast food bar astronaut.The bar food must be dense in calories to match the needs of astronauts and reduce space saving.
Jessica Vos, deputy health and medical technicians Orion said, saving packaging is also what is eaten crew is a way of reducing the load on air.
“Orion will crawl for weeks, 1 packaging for breakfast in a day would mengemat storage space.”Jessica said quoted (11/24/16)
Planned, there will be several options bar food flavors such as orange and cranberry bbq beans for breakfast astronauts.Average for lunch and dinner, the Orion crew can eat similar to the space station crew center and has warmers to prepare meals.
Photo: NASADesigning a food bar with balanced nutrition and special provisions for astronauts such as calorie dense and pass the taste test is not easy.
Until now, no commercial bar food to meet the standard requirements.So that NASA had designed it, including the requirement food bar is has a shelf life of decades, due to space travel.
NASA is developing a special bar food and in cooperation with HERA, the agency that is designed to simulate the isolation and remote conditions during the exploration in the habitat 3


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