News lie in Facebook & Google Driven by Russia?

SMKN 1 Slahung
The case of false news during the Presidential Elections (Election) United States (US), which ensnare Google and Facebook touted led by Russia.
Lie scattered in cyberspace called one of the causes of Donald Trump won the US presidential election is called as part of a campaign by Russia, asquotedby the Washington Post, Saturday (26/11/2016).
The campaign in question is a series of actions involving thousands of botnets, a team aiming to do trolling in various forums, and networking sites as well as a number of social media accounts on duty disseminate false news.
Independent researchers who monitor this action calls the campaign goal is to help Trump win the US presidential election and undermine confidence in American democracy.
“This is what they did during the Cold War. The problem is, this is difficult to do before their social media,” said Clint Watts, a researcher at the Foreign Policy Research Institute.
This propaganda campaign revealed by researchers at the Foreign Policy Research Institute and a non-partisan organization called PropOrNot, which will also be publishing research results separately.
Earlier there was also news that Facebook could tackle the spread of false news in its News Feed.But they refused to do so because of reluctant considered political partiality.


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