The doctor said, Well Well How to Choose a Good Milk

SMKN 1 Slahung
Jakarta- Indonesia Most people know very well the benefits of milk consumption for health.Moreover relation to the concept of food 4 healthy 5 perfect, now converted into a balanced nutrition.
However, many of those who do not understand how to choose a quality milk or actually beneficial to health.
Dr. Rachmat Hidayat Vishnu, SpKO of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia explained that the main condition good milk is hygienic or not containing bacterial contaminants at all and as far as possible in a fresh state.
“Processed short as possible to avoid damage to its content of nutrients such as protein and vitamins as a result of processing,” he said on the sidelines of the Media Workshop ‘Milk as a Supporter of Your Active Lifestyle’ along Greenfields in Hotel Santika Malang recently.
The next requirement is a good milk does not add preservatives, and sugar.Excess sugar in milk can increase the value of the calories contained in it so that when consumed can trigger the risk of obesity for some people.
“While the preservative can potentially trigger malignant diseases such as cancer or a tumor. That is why we emphasize back to nature, organic foods are cultivated, more natural,” he continued.
Natural not only milk, but its nutritional content, and do not undergo the process of fortification or addition of material from outside because the natural nutrients would be more quickly absorbed by the body than the already added material from outside.
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“In essence, as the companion of an active lifestyle, must be balanced with good nutrition, including the consumption of milk. Broadly speaking, the milk can meet 28-30 percent of daily calcium needs,” said Dr. Vishnu.
Not only that, today calcium is also used in weight management programs because these minerals are known to increase the fat burning process.
“At least if they do not have time to exercise, in the office to keep moving on. Hopefully if you can walk a minimum of 7,500 steps a day,”


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