Minamata Disease That Can Occur Due Fish Consumption Containing Mercury

SMKN 1 Slahung
Jakarta- The nutritional content is good for health, fish can be a side dish options for the people of Indonesia.But when contaminated with mercury and consumed, the disease can emerge, one Minamata.
According to Prof. Dr. Takashi Yorifuji from Okayama University, Minamata is a process of methyl mercury poisoning in a person’s body.The methyl mercury into the human body through the consumption of fish and shellfish.
Prof. Takashi explained, when it enters the bloodstream, methyl mercury will attack the central nervous system.As a result, there was a nervous breakdown.
“So part of the brain that was attacked was an important part as semotosensory or sensory area, the area of ​​vision and hearing area,” said Prof. Takashi seminar ‘Mercury Poisoning: Minamata at 60 and Indonesia?’at Hotel Ibis Tamarin, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (05/12/2016).
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“Symptoms usually encountered as neurological diseases, for example timbil cramps and numbness. Physically, Minamata also can cause the child to be born deformed or imperfect,” continued Prof. Takashi.
For the management of Minamata, chelating agents can be given medicine and rehabilitation.Special drug use chelating agents, should be used under the conditions of a person’s body.
“It’s harsh. If used carelessly can lead to damaged kidneys. Due to force mercury toxins out of the body,” added the Japanese men’s.
Prof. Takashi added, the food safety limit exposure to mercury was set at 0.4 parts per million (PPM).Meanwhile, limit exposure to mercury in fish is 0.2 ppm.


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