When the Wall Sturdy Bhayangkara FC porous Suddenly

SMKN 1 Slahung
Game against Semen Padang on Tuesday night, December 6, 2016, appears to be a poor match for the player Bhayangkara FC (BFC), Otavio Dutra.Because, in the game Dutra blundered twice, which led to BFC had to settle for a 2-2 draw.
Brazilian player was twice made a blunder in the match itu.Kesalahan Dutra first performed at the 61st minute.When it Dutra too long to bring the ball, so it was taken players Semen Padang, vendry mofu.As a result, it is fruitful goal for Semen Padang.
Whereas the second error occurred in the 84th minute.When the ball is taken by Dutra again easily captured the opponent.Luckily, goalkeeper BFC, Wahyu Tri become a lifesaver for any errors that Dutra.
However, the BFC coach, Ibn Grahan seemed not want to be too blame the players.However, Ibn promised would still perform the evaluation.
Bhayangkara FC and Semen Padang Same Strong in Act I
“He’s made a mistake, and I will evaluate,” said Ibnu.
Ibnu said, he will ask for Dutra to focus on the game.Moreover, there is now near the end of the competition.Definitely a player’s stamina would have been depleted.
“If by the end of this competition, the concentration should not be disturbed,” said Ibnu.”I hope that this kind of mistake does not happen again.”


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