Adis Songket home ~ Smart Choosing to Business Opportunities Kain Songket Via Social Media

For anyone who wants to run a business, the convenience offered by #teknologitoday would be the difference with those who started the business a few years ago.Now, the media to sell products already all that varied.Moreover, with the support of the Internet, business owners do not even need to have a physical store to start a business.
This has been experienced by a woman entrepreneur named Nyayu Nur Khomariah.The gallery owner house Adis Songket is starting to open his business about 10 years ago.It is conceivable, at that time tech support or even not as advanced internet today.
However, due to the diverse challenges successfully passed from time to time, the woman who was familiarly called this Adis, until the time when the Internet is able to facilitate business needs.And thanks to carefully exploit #media socialto sell songket, Adis successfully develop business turnover of hundreds of millions per month.
Early Doing Business
If it is allowed to tell the truth, Adis admitted totally unimaginable to have a business songket when they come together as students.At that time, he even admitted often confused because of the mother who has a business songket.
Starting from the condition of the house is often a mess due to the process of making songket, this is what causes Adis did not want to continue the efforts of his mother.
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But it is 180 degrees, when he had to accept the reality out of his job as an employee of state-owned banks.This is because, he was forced to move to Muara Bungo, Jambi.
In calm conditions, what is less preferred once it is able to transform into potential.When looking at the mother sell songket to several outlets in the area of ​​Palembang, Adis feel this is a great potential to be developed.From there he began lowering the footsteps of his mother’s business songket.
Using Social Media Facility
The year was 2007, Adis began to open a business with sales songket Friendster via social media.Using a laptop credit result, he was sorting through songket products they think are interesting then post them on his Friendster account.
From there, the business songket adis becoming known.Not just from the region Palembang songket Adis buyers also come from some big cities like Jakarta.
Slowly but surely, because of the greater scale businesses make the event a winner of young entrepreneurs independently Bank Mandiri as Sumatra in 2012 was to be moved from his home to the new, more strategic locations.At that time he rented a shop in a shopping district Ilir Barat Permai, Palembang.
Overcoming Business Problems
Although arguably has had a business to run smoothly, but the problem was also faced by Adis.At that time, the suppliers songket feel that a benefit Adis much larger than they are getting.Therefore, they propose requirements are quite difficult for infants Adis.
“Suppliers asked directly paid by the amount of Rp 50 million.If not then the goods will be withdrawn, and sure enough, all the goods taken.I had to bite the finger, “said Adis.
Not stopping there, he even had to give up outlets berjualannya evicted by local authorities with spatial planning reasons.
This is what makes Adis had to go back in thought.With unyielding spirit, he began trying to market its products songket using various other internet facilities.
While maintaining the quality and uniqueness of the product, the business songket Adis finally able to get its own place for loyal customers.Carrying the brand Adis Songket House, 32 women are able to target the middle to upper target market.
“For example, songket.Obviously depending sell ten years ago now.Today many are selling songket, buyers also get confused to choose, but if it can sell songket which has keungulan, for example in terms of fashion (unique) and quality, there would be a segment of buyers, “said Adis.
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Armed with the knowledge and the courage to take advantage of digital media, business songket Nur belongs Nyayu Khomariah able to become a big business with a turnover of hundreds of millions per month.
The above story can certainly be an inspiration, because the success of building a business through the internet facility is not limited.We stayed develop what we already have, coupled with creativity and unyielding spirit.
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