From Tinder to LinkedIn, If the Company Social Media Make “Spectacle” They Versions

Currently the technology to make human life more connected, efficient and meaningful.One of the latest gadgets issued Snapchat is Spectacle, make a video recording process becomes easier and also allows us to capture the moment, from the perspective of the more interesting.
Enthusiast #teknologialready busy talking Spectacle since it was first launched by Snapchat.Plus, the price is affordable, very limited amount and form very futuristic, who would not want to have Snapchat Spectacle?
Innovation is a fixed price in the business world, especially if we talk about the technology industry, we are obliged to innovate if it is not to be outdone in the competition.In modern times such as now, where almost everything has been created, the challenge to create something new becomes larger.
Not all of the innovations that technology companies sweet ending, such as Google Glass from Google, Slingshot from Facebook and Zune from Microsoft.In 2010, a study says that, every year there is 95% of new products are introduced and end up failing.
Innovation committed Snapchat is an example of how #media socialhas now become part of our daily lives.Are other social media companies will follow the lead of Snapchat?If they make Spectacle versions of each, how does it look like?
Here is the imagination of the idea (and hope) to other social media platforms that will combine fashion and technology:
1. Bracelet Tinder Match
Tinder is a dating app which is quite popular in Indonesia.Many people who use a variety of reasons, there are indeed want to find a life partner, and there were only want Isen, idly looking for friends to chat.
Match bracelet Tinder Tinder make the experience of using the application more enjoyable.These accessories will provide notification of potential candidates that is near us.Of friends from work until the people who work near us will become easier to “swipe”.
Selecting “Yes” or “No” as easy as pressing a button on the screen bracelet.With a simple design, this bracelet will match with any outfit diginakan everyday.Getting the next date will never be easy and cool than this!
2. Linkedin Pinector
When it entered the mature stage, it’s time we started to focus on our career journey.Networking takes time and great effort, but with the #Linkedinit becomes easier.We can be connected with anyone, from job seekers, applicants and clients.Previously, we came to job fairs and conferences to networking, but this way take up too much time and energy.
Do never imagined we could use Linkedin to find and meet directly with a particular person or company for the field that really we are looking for?, If yes, this time introducing LinkedIn Linkedin Pinector!Sebuat latest gadget from LinkedIn that will change the way we do networking.
Just use LinkedIn Pinector in tie, jacket or shirt and gadgets that we will be ready for use.Previous do not forget to filter out who we want to meet through LinkedIn application on the smartphone, can be based on job title, field of work or even the name of the company.
With 5 Mega Pixel camera that is, LinkedIn can Pinector mendetaksi human face, match the filter that we specify and sends a notification to our smartphones.That way we can easily approach armed with the right information!
3. Tweet Ring
Twitter is one of the most popular social media applications in the world.With unique features 140 characters, hashtag, Gif and Periscope, make many people fall in love with him.Nowadays, people are bombarded with a lot of information at the same time, and therefore we need something to be able to digest it efficiently. #TwitterIs the answer!
Imagine if we experience an event and would like to distribute to people, taking the smartphone, unlock and typing will spend too much of our time.Twitter introduced, their latest technologies, Tweet Ring.
Tweet Ring manufactured using basic materials palladium black reliable and durable.With charming design, anyone can use Tweet Ring.This gadget can detect its sound and converts it into text.The result?Tweet instant.Basic color is blue, will turn red when we’re recording tweet and green when it successfully recording and terposting.
This gadget can also provide valuable information for its users.With only mentions “hashtag” to Tweet Ring, then he would read the latest trends.Have fun!
4. Spotify Earrings
Spotify was fast becoming mandatory application to be possessed by the music lovers.This application allows us to access the music that exists around the world, ranging from the title track and also our favorite artists.In September 2016, Apple launched its latest technology called Airpods, wireless headphones that made people around the world watched.What we do not know is, Spotify also launched their latest technology called, Spotify Earrings.With this gadget people can listen to music anytime and anywhere.
Spotify know the classic problem that is often experienced by people when listening to the song, which does not know the title song.The solution is, Spotify Earrings can also detect and identify the song.
This gadget also uses the latest technology to listen to music called “Bone Conduction” which deliver music through ear lobule, ensuring ears open and listen to the sounds of nature.Life is music, life more fun by using Spotify Earrings 24 hours.
5. Insta-Spectacle
“You know us, we are happy to follow the example of what our competitors are doing, and make it better”
Instagram will not hesitate to deal with Snapchat and introduced Insta-Spectacle.With a cool retro design, Instagram improve his game by adding a filter feature that can be used in a way men’swipe and select it before recording or taking pictures with a small button on the right.
With the establishment of different Snaptchat that “Less is more”, Instagram equip this spectacle with a camera with 12 Mega Pixel sensor, autofocus and face detection / smile.Spectacle with similar iPhone camera quality 7. Wait what?Capture and share moments you to everyone!
Dear CEO of Instagram, Twitter, Tinder, LinkedIn and Spotify, we can not wait to wait for the innovations that will be carried out in 2017!
(Psstt, let’s do sosisal media innovation before you turn out to be historical)
This article was created by a team of creative marketing iPrice Group Indonesiaand Thailand


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