Henry Patterson ~ Successful Selling Online Does not Have With Extraordinary Items

Although he was still fairly young, about 11 years, but the business spirit of Henry Patterson deserve thumbs up.The boy who came from the British mainland is not only have a huge desire to succeed in business, but also the courage to start his business despite the very simple things.
If many people are too busy thinking about what you want to sell products online, Henry did not spend a lot of time to figure out what the product will be sold.Starting from the items in a charity shop, in fact he could make a profit of up to tens of millions of rupiah per month.
Early emergence Business Idea
A boy aged 11 years managed to make anyone amazed, because it can produce tens of millions per week.
This is the tagline that is being hotly discussed some time ago.Although still very young, Henry Patterson proved that age is not an obstacle to starting a business.Even when he first terbesit to become entrepreneurs, was when she was 5 years old.
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When commonly in children age one would be happy to play or focus on learning, then another case with Henry Patterson.Henry had different hobbies that make him wealthy kid.Not because, having already developed a family treasure, but who do Hendri is started his business early on.
Reporting from Mirror, Thursday, November 12, 2015, a boy who came from England it starts to have a business idea since she was 5 years old.Then he had actually started business at the age of seven years.In very young age, Henry is already busy selling fertilizer.Henry started with a low price, only £ 1, or about Rp 20,500.
Probably for most people, selling fertilizer may not be the primary choice.Although he was selling manure odor, she admitted that she was happy to cultivate his job as a fertilizer salesman.
Excess owned by Henry, he did not see the effort he was in on her bad side.One thing that he believed that, what he’s selling is required.And when there are people who need it is always the chance to sell the goods.
Trying Doing Business Online
After he was quite familiar with the facilities offered by the internet as a medium to sell online, more and foster the spirit of henry to develop the business of buying and selling.It is not extraordinary, again boy is choosing a product which is very common that the goods in a charity shop.
Had the pleasure of selling and doing business, he then began to open up a stall in the eBay marketplace.Henry sells various items that previously he had bought from a charity shop.After the business was started smoothly, Henry swiftly re-opened a shop selling sweets and chocolate.
Boy 11 years reveals that the money he made from his business used to produce a children’s book and its online store branded merchandise.
Slowly but surely, more and more people who believe that what is being sought by Henry is a major step towards building a socio-preneur trend or social entrepreneurship.Therefore, at this time Henry has been appointed to work with 70 companies in the city.Every year, the turnover of all his efforts could reach 1.3 billion!
One effort called the Not Before Tea has made it into one of the boys wealthy.The business is able to open branches in several major cities in the UK and was awarded as the most successful young businessman last year.
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In the mat Great British Entrepreneur Award 2015, giving a special award for Henry assessed as having a major influence to excite young entrepreneurs in the country Elizabeth.
Despite having abundant possessions, Henry remains the children were cheerful, friendly and simple.Students at Buckingham said, “I like talking business with friends at school.But, I did not talk much about money or benefits that I get to them. “


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