Opportunities Birth of Unicorn On Earth Indonesia, What Can Be?

For developers of digital startup, one of the objectives to be achieved of course, is to have a startup that is able to grow into large companies.Or in a digital world pioneering effort, we know there his term startup unicorn.
The Unicorn is a term for #startupwere able to grow into large companies with a certain level of valuation.Until now spawned a Unicorn is not easy.Even for a country American classmates, the possibility was also not too high.
Then the question, whether Indonesia could?
Percentage Possible emergence Unicorn
Speaking about the possibility of developing a startup into a Unicorn, can be correlated with the research ever conducted to look at the data as well as the probability of creating a company Unicorn.We select only, in the Blue Continent Europe likely was only 0.27% by GP Bullhound 2004, whereas in the United States likely even down to 0.07% by Cowboy Ventures investment company, in 2013.
One of the challenges for the birth startup Unicorn is a macro and micro economic conditions that exist in the country.Best possibility, the type face is capable of being Unicorn is a startup e-commerce.
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Even so, there are still other obstacles that will hinder a step ahead of the unicorn.The problem is, the fact that there are conditions weakening purchasing power.
Yet this is precisely the true meaning of the Unicorn.A startup can be said to be successful if it is able to survive not only in the long term but also able to have a high capitalization value.
Equation A Unicorn
One of the science that we can apply to build a startup Unicorn is, look at the success stories of many large companies.In this case that would be an example is 4 big digital companies namely, Microsoft, Intel, Apple and Amazon.These four companies initiated by the founder extraordinary great and have the ability above average.
Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Intel founder Andy Grove, Steve Jobs founder of Apple, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, the four of them may appear to have character and background are different from each other.However, if traced in, there are a number of similarities that we can learn.They have a secret recipe to be able to develop large-scale enterprises.
Want to know what it is?
The recipe that has a high focus, strategic thinking, always looking to the future with planning, able to create the big picture, using leverage as possible, and has a strong personal.
Unicorn Company Able to Create Product “Painkiller”
The second similarity is that we can learn, each of the founders of the big companies always strive to create products painkiller.Painkiller here does not mean in the literal sense of painkillers, but it is a product that is able to overcome the problems faced by many people.
Because of its perceived importance of this, all large companies can afford to have loyal customers.Each of these consumers feel that the products issued by the company, is a product that is absolutely necessary, even in some conditions can not be abandoned.
When it comes a sense of trust and loyalty of consumers, so consumers are not reluctant to pay high prices for the sake of having a product that we offer.The concept of this painkiller is always used as the main criterion of the founder of a large technology company when it began trying to develop new products.
What if viewed Indonesia?
All requirements related to human resources, is already quite ready.Indonesia does not lack the skill profiles qualified to develop large-scale business.
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But sometimes the problem is, domestic economic conditions are less friendly.Not to mention, support the technology infrastructure in Indonesia, which in fact has not been able to keep pace with many other developed countries.
But to believe,yetnot impossible.If you currently can not, maybe the next few years Indonesia has been able to start being a “midwife delivery” birth of a new Unicorn startup.


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