Tips on How to Build a Great Business While Still Have status of employees

This year is a great start for you to start building a business and start earning the status of employees as well as skipper.How to build a business in the middle of the busy life of an employee?How to manage time?
Questions like this is what I try to explain in this article, based on the experience of some acquaintances who currently own my own business.Building a big business even though the status of employees can be done, believe me!Prepare initiate prospective skipper!
Why Should Build Your Own Business?
There are many reasons why we need to have the businessitself.Some people may build a business because it is his interest, because some people may want to have additional income, and some people there is also a diving as entrepreneurs because there is no other choice alias forced.
Here are some important reasons why we need to build their own business from an early age:
1. Cover Its Financial
It is inevitable when the state only as a minor employee, the salary received only mediocre course.And not infrequently small employee income is not sufficient to support themselves or their families.This is where the advantage to build a business, even if only on a small scale, such as kiosks or start a laundry business results obtained from the business proved to be a financial shortfall.
Things that have I heard and read, that many entrepreneurs are present in Indonesia at this time is people who are former employees.They ventured to open a business, and they finally decided to resign, and focus on building their big business.
Not infrequently they find that passion is a business themselves, who do not want to be like this?Although originally based small business because you want to cover a financial shortfall, it is not impossible these small businesses become big someday.Come on, start to plan and act.
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2. Preparation
Nobody knows what circumstances that will occur in the future to come, may you be promoted or even dismissed forced for some reason, alias fired.
This is where precisely the reason why business.With the business that you have, a bad situation could eliminate the source of purse money (salary) can be covered with the gains of the business.In short, the business can connect your life back.
In addition, businesses can also guarantee your life when age was not as strong as more and more young time.Because the elderly is a period where you should be to maintain the health of themselves more and more to worship the Creator.
You must have the financial preparation for the future!
How-to Build a Business with Employees Status?
1. Build Mental A Businessman!
Yes, the first thing you should do is build a mental businessman.
Like a tree, the mental is the root.The roots are a source of nutrients for the trees and the foundation so that the tree does not fall when hit by the wind.So also the important role of mental for a businessman.With mental strength, you hit any disorder can be treated with a cool head and confidence in the success of your business will increase.
Any mental?
*.Confidence is the main force.
*.The disadvantage is the process of learning.
*.Vision becomes the compass on the way to build a business.
*.Communications and networking is the power of support that you must have.
2. Discover Your Version Business Sector
Why there are inserts “version of you”.
Because building a business for the first time is not a mere business that follows the trend, however, to build a business that suits you.
The purpose of the “suit yourself” is the businesses that want to build such a thing that you like and are good at.Requirement is only two, you like and you’re good.
For example, you are someone who loves the world of design and you gain control (can design) cards, edit photos, brochures, banners, or logos.Businesses can you wake up is a design services.You are smart people working fast and love the world clean, laundry in the services business is worth a try.
In essence, for the first time find business fields YOU LIKE AND mastered.
3. Train Back
There may be a problem, you love to a field, however, you do not speak it.The solution is to train back in it.
When you are free to learn from, really easy.Just type what you want to practice on site #Googleor Youtube, various tutorials already exist at both sites.
4. Create Prototype
Before dibisniskan there is something you need to test and get, which makes prototype product.Give it to someone else for free, and ask their opinion on what needs to be improved and if he liked the quality of the product.
Another language of this stage is to getFree Review,in order to test the quality of your business products.When there is less, correct, and when the view terhadpa quality is good, start selling it to others.
5. Start to Business!
Yes, this is the earliest you earn income from a business.
For marketing, there are several alternative methods that you can try, namely:
*.Business Services
If your services are not limited by time and space, marketing methods that you can do is marketing online, through social media, website, social messaging, and so on.For example, it is a design business.
In addition you can also market on the target at around the area you are likely to need what you bisniskan.
*.Business Physical Products
If the form of physical products, you can market it online or open a physical store.
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6. Keep Learning
There are currently a variety of media are discussing the business world, for example on the internet only.Many sites that you can absorb their knowledge for free,,,,, and others.Or you can also do a little research to find the website to review the information you need, use Google and YouTube well.
And a learning resource that is not behind any other business is books.Remember, the formula of a successful entrepreneur it is like to read.
Employee status is not obstacle to building a business, organize your time in such a manner and discipline.How time management problems?You can do business while holidays and evenings, essentially make use of the time as possible.
May be useful.


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