5 Prediction of E-Commerce Trends in Indonesia in the year 2017 Mandatory You Know

According to an article on the site Techcrunch, 2020 e-commerce Indonesia is predicted to be worth of $ 130 billion.A number of fantastic!This prediction is not arbitrary, given the growth of e-commerce in Indonesia reached the lift of 50% per year, plus the number of smartphone users continues to increase, and competition with the players in the industrial sector # e-commercemakes it more interesting to be monitored in the 2017’s.
Indonesia has a unique market characteristics, the e-commerce industry must continue to innovate, both in terms of technology, logistics, and other aspects.You are engaged in the world of e-commerce will inevitably face a variety of issues and a discussion of online shopping in Indonesia.
Well, I have outlined the following five predictions on the trends of e-commerce Indonesia in 2017:
1. SUPER Fast Delivery Service
The process of sending a long and often late is a classic problem that is still an issue and often a consideration for shopping online.It is already trying anticipated by the perpetrators of e-commerce in Indonesia.For example Tokopedia and bukalapak in cooperation with the Go-Jek to help fast delivery on the same day, and Lazada that provide services LEX (Lazada Express).
Well, in 2017 it is predicted that the perpetrators of e-commerce will increasingly focus on the improvement of service delivery is super fast.Will be many innovations made to make the delivery process more quickly and efficiently.It can be seen from the emergence of several players based logistics applications such as Etobee and Deliveree that provide opportunities for e-commerce players in improving service delivery at this time.
In addition, there is also a collection of goods services offered by PopBox that will make the selection of goods delivery of e-commerce in Indonesia is growing.Let’s wait how the development of these super fast delivery service.
2. Utilizing Communications Chat Application
All e-commerce businesses should have a Customer Service division tasked to handle questions and complaints from their customers.To maintain the satisfaction of the “King”, of course, live communication services needed to answer questions about products, payment systems, and the problem of delivery of goods.This division should be ready 24/7.
Some internet giant presents a chat application for its users, such as Google with Google Allo, Facebook with Facebook Messenger and Twitter Twitter Bots.The chat application will greatly help the Indonesian people to communicate while shopping online.
Trends in the use of chat applications for e-commerce is likely to continue, given the perpetrators of Internet users in Indonesia is very much time on social media such as Twitter and Facebook.
This then will open up greater opportunities for e-commerce to improve their services to customers to interact using chat platform.
3. Optimize Smartphone
According to Ade Wahyudi, Managing Director Katadata, which was written in an article in the media Tempo, by 2018 there will be over 100 million people in Indonesia who are actively using smartphones.With the number of smartphone users, Indonesia will be one of the smart phone users in the world, after China, India, and America.
Transactions via PC in 2016 was still more than the transactions via smartphones, namely 21.14 million transactions (PC) versus 12.82 million transactions (smartphones).Predictable, since January 2017 and onwards the number of transactions via smartphones will be more than transactions via PC.
Illustration via iPrice
Smartphone smartphone usage is so high in Indonesia become great opportunities for e-commerce sector to maximize their mobile applications.Through mobile applications, e-commerce actors can optimize the UI & UX to exclusive promotions for users of their applications.
4. Hold Customer Program Loyaltity
According to an article on the site Purenet.co.uk, as much as 49% of customers who conduct transactions online are willing to switch brands in order to get the coupon.The perpetrators of e-commerce is already quite a lot of coupons issued specifically to enhance the shopping experience of their customers.In addition, the actors also utilize e-commerce platform price comparison and coupons to increase visitors and sales.
Illustration via iPrice
Well, in 2017 it is predicted that the perpetrators of e-commerce will increasingly give offerings to their customers.For example give a discount shopping coupons to attract more visitors to their sites.Exclusive coupons on major holidays and celebrations as well as religious, as well as giving special coupons to users of mobile applications will be increasingly found in 2017.5. Payment Options Will More
The payment method is one of the important things that are often taken into consideration for the customers to transact online.In contrast to the customers abroad are mostly already using the payment method via credit card (CC) and Paypal, the customer in Indonesia still prefer this method of payment options via ATM and Cash on Delivery (COD).
This is consistent with the data presented by the site of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ)which states that the real challenge in the world’s largest e-commerce Indonesia is the low penetration of credit and debit cards.That is why some of the e-commerce such as bukalapak and Lazada provides a payment option via transfer ATM and Cash on Delivery (COD).
Illustration via iPrice
2017 is predicted that perpetrators of e-commerce will provide an alternative payment systems that make it easier for customers.The emergence of eWallet offered by telecommunications companies and some startups like Paypal like, iPaymu, and PonselPay, will open up greater opportunities for perpetrators of e-commerce to provide payment options to their customers.


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