Irma Suryati ~ In the Middle Disabled, Still Able to Develop Creative Business Success

Surely no one in this world who want to have a physical disability since birth.However when this condition has been given by God, then no one can resist.
But far more important is, what and how steps that must be taken when we were meant with a limitation.And the choice of a social entrepreneur named Irma Suryati this may be the best option.
Refusing to give up on physical limitations owned, Irma continues to strive for recognition that he was also able to work like most people.From initially had trouble finding a job, Irma finally opting to be an entrepreneur.
High spirit Irma Suryati
At the age of 5 years, Irma Suryati polio disease that requires him to always use walking aids in the rest of the age.
Known as a vigorous despite their physical limitations in him, he does not only empower the potential for him but also invites fellows, disabled people, to continue to work as closely as they can to be able to contribute to society.
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When I was little, it turns Irma is already a very high spirit.It can be seen when he will enter the school.Because it is felt can not follow the school activities like the other students, many schools refused then to guide Irma.
However, due to constant efforts, he finally managed to get a formal education even up to the level of high school.
Make the World Entrepreneur
Unpleasant experience back Irma received when trying to find a job.Many of the working place which he refused on the grounds applying physical Irma.In 1996, Irma even glance realm of entrepreneurship.
“I’ve been applying to various companies but was always rejected.Finally, I was determined to create their own jobs. ”
Women who live in Kebumen is using his creative talents to create a craft that uses waste materials leftover fabric.Although just graduated from high school, spirit and business skills are no less than those who graduated from university.
Irma intelligence in combining waste materials into craft items, even be said to be owned by many others.This is what causes the majority of people around Irma sure to himself.
Very inspirational, besides being able to prove that the limitation does not limit a person to work, Irma also helped those who also have similar limitations.
Irma continue to explore the field of social entrepreneurship by implementing the empowerment of disabled people in the business of making its products mat.He invites anyone who has limitations to break the silence and better work producing something useful for others so that they gain confidence, while fostering independence finally pushed their dignity and status in society.
Business development
Regarding the handicraft products made by Irma, the majority of the mat or other craft forms.The mat has also been sold to many areas outside Kebumen, where he started a business.From Kebumen, goods production results penetrated into various corners of the country.These buyers even whom he got in the land of kangaroos, Australia.
Proceeds from sales of handicrafts from the village Karangsari, Buaran, Kebumen, Central Java is also quite large.From the results obtained, in addition to empowering workers, Irma also use for business development.
Business development, including the addition of the number of production scale businesses as well as promotion done to further expand market coverage can be achieved.
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Indeed, these efforts are not without problems, because the management is sometimes hampered by physical problems again.Irma menegaskahn however, that no matter how serious a problem is always a solution can be sought to resolve the issue.
Of the various attempts to set up creative industries and community empowerment with disabilities, Irma Suryati gained recognition through their achievement.
With all the hard work, Irma successfully won achievements of entrepreneurs epitome of Kemenpora 2007, Perempaun Achievement in 2008 from Kebumen Regent Rustriningsih, appreciation of Japan exclusively dedicated to disabled people to excel and several other awards.


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