Trusted Contacts ~ Help People Discover What We Presence With Google Apps This

The development of technology has brought a variety of conveniences for humans as well as the benefits that have never even imagined before.Not only in the prevailing conditions, the technology would also bring benefits when a person is in a state of emergency.
If earlier the first step taken in the event of an emergency is to call the police or the nearest person, now it seems it has begun to shift.The technology allows us to easily find the nearest person even without taking any action.
One of them can be realized through the application made by #Googlecalled Trusted Contacts.With the Android operating system-based applications, we can share the location where we were told a number of people who have us believe.
With this app anytime and anywhere, and in any condition, the closest we could find where we are easily and quickly.
Overview of Application Trusted Contacts
The concept of #aplikasiTrusted Contacts has actually been introduced in advance by some big technology companies.Before we know the Find My Friends app offered by the company Apple.There are also, features social media services Facebook Safety Check which has similar functionality to the previous application.
But this time Google tried to bring the function in finding the location of a person towards more sophisticated.
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Contacts Trusted by launching the application, users will be able to share their location to a number of accounts that have been determined in advance.Registered account a family member or close friend who will be expected to easily locate the whereabouts of us when things happen out of control.
Such conditions can certainly happen to us or someone else we know.Ranging from natural disasters to the crime scene on the street, did not know who will be the victim.Therefore Trusted Contacts application is expected to be the answer and the solution when problems of this sort happened.
Schemes Using Trusted Contacts
As a service that works online, Trusted Contacts has its own system that can be used by users.At first, users simply download the app Trusted Contacts and then register the public.After that we can start sending requests to share our location to some other account.
Once the request is submitted, the person who gets the request has two options namely to accept or reject a request from us.However, if the user does not respond for some time, then the application will automatically assume that the user accepts our request, and we can begin to share private location.
Regarding the location that can be shared, in general, is not at all limited.Unlike the Find My Friends app, a service from Google will automatically update our newest location every few time.When we are at home or carry out activities outside the home, note the location we will continue to change and can be accessed directly at any time by a trusted contact us.
In addition, other information can also be obtained by reliable contacts, including general information related to your account, and whether you are online or not.
Although basically these applications work online, but Trusted Contacts can also work offline.So when our cell phone ran out of power or die because of specific, reliable contacts we can still get information last location where we are.
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Delivered by Google Product Manager, David Tattersall, Trusted Contacts will continue to ensure the people closest to us know where we are as long as we hold a smart phone devices in the bag.For emergency conditions, they will quickly find or oversight in a vulnerable time.
Until now Trusted Contacts application is only available for the operating system #android.However, the developer claimed that the near future will begin to be developed Trusted Contacts application for iOS-based devices.


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