Eating Less Can Make Stomach Shrinking?

Stomach memamg elastic.However, sometimes there are people who think that ‘manipulate’ the stomach to lose weight.The trick, to get used to eat less so that the stomach will shrink.
Finally, eating a little too familiar.Related to this, gastroenterology experts from the Institute of Gastroenterology & Endoscopy Bariatric Weight Management, Illnois, the hull was rubbery.
For example, the stomach can receive food in large quantities so that it makes a person avoid starvation.But, what about the depreciation of the hull when the body is accustomed to intake of food in small amounts?
“The hull is able to return to its normal size after stretching as it gets intake of food in large quantities. But, this will not shrink, even when you start eating in much smaller amounts,” said KumarPrevention.
If you can stomach shrinks, then certainly someone who has skinny stomach smaller size than those who are overweight or obese.A study in the journal Gastroenterology revealed that regardless of a person’s weight, the size of the stomach together.
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Kumar added, generally a person will feel hungry when the number of calories diasup reduced.In this situation, Kumar said, the body begins to think that someone is hungry.Then, there will be a boost physiological and hormonal responses that try to make the body back to its original weight.
“The system of the body is flooded with hunger hormone ghrelin and at the same time, body temperature and lower your metabolism to conserve energy there. In a situation like this it is quite possible that the weight you have gone down, will go up,” added Kumar.
Therefore, he suggested for someone who wanted to lose weight, do not trim calorie intake drastically.Better, reduce your calorie intake 100 to 200 calories per day.Thus, the body does not consider you to hunger and weight loss can occur with stable, although slowly.


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