Recognize Symptoms Slow Baby Speaking as Early as Possible

SMKN 1 Slahung
Having a baby is certainly one of the desire of every married couple.Starting from the holding, kissing and hugging baby sign that people around the baby to love the baby.This certainly makes the happiness in housekeeping increasingly felt complete.
Baby’s development into a period of the most enjoyable for parents.When they begin to face down, to crawl, stand, walk.Moreover, the process of speaking well be the most important moment, because in this process the baby will be a lot of chatter that makes it even more funny.
But not all the talk on the baby will go smoothly.Sometimes, there are babies who showed slow development.Therefore, as parents we have the indications quickly to be immediately addressed.How do I?Here’s more information.
Babies will usually begin to say words at the age of 12 to 18 months, all this depends on the development of the child, because the development of each child is different from one another.
In the case of children affected by slow talker is at this age range still can not say 20 words or more.
In addition to words, children also tend not to express something with precise movements.For example, has been unable to react when his name is called and appoint the members of the family.
Most mothers will wonder why at that age children are still not able to utter a word, but the mother does not need to panic or worry because there are other signs that can be seen in the development of the child.
Another sign that can be seen is the response of the child when told to do sesuatum if he obeyed the mother then it is a sign that the child understands the commands given people around him.
If the child is able to obey the command, then the role of the mother was the one to get closer to the child and invites the child to frequently talk to children trained, and also give the child time to be receptive to the teachings of the mother.
If at the age of 1 year to 2 years old child was not also show progress using sign language, this is something worth mothers beware because usually at that age children vulnerable to more frequent use of sign language in verbal language.
If at the age of 1.5 years old child can not / difficult to accept commands and imitating the sound then this could be one thing worth the watch mom, better consult the experts whether the child has a hearing loss.
If at the age of 2 years of the child is not progressing then this was a turning point for the mother to really seriously take his son to the doctor because usually children 2 years of age who can not speak or show something with a purpose.
Perhaps it would be a sign that the child is experiencing developmental delays and speech.And the mother should immediately consult with the experts to find the cause and solution.


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