Turns Spicy Food Consumption Can Extend Age

SMKN 1 Slahung
Consuming spicy foods become one of the favorite for most people.Many people think that foods containing the spicy element Dapa whet your appetite when eating.
People who really like spicy food or commonly known as manic padas usually can not be separated from one’s taste.Apparently, the spicy foods have positive benefits for the health and the human body.
It is even said that the spicy food can prolong the life of people who like to consume?But is it so?To find the answer, please refer to his review in the following article.
Researchers from Larner College of Medicine, University of Vermont found the association between eating chilli and longevity.
According to Prof.Benjamin Littenberg and medical students through their research, check Mustafa Chopan health and nutrition examination survey nationwide to 16,000 Americans who conducted more than 23 years.
13 percent reduction of total mortality in those who frequently eat chili is one cause of the increased longevity of this spicy food lovers.
They say that eating spicy food can not avoid us from death but spicy food can prevent us from the disease of obesity can shorten the life of the sufferer.
they believe the active substance found in chili peppers called capsaicin can act as antimicrobial agents that fight bacteria and viruses in the body.
Chopan said that although not conclusive, the study of chili can be used in future research in the form of clinical trials.
The food was spicy from the chili potentially recommended to make a longer life for the substance in chili plants can prevent diseases dangerous to health.


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